Homestead vagrant error – NFS telling you that your exports file is invalid

I’m talking about this:

Most of the time, this happens then you edit your Homestead.yaml folder option and then trying to launch Homestead.

That you need to do is to go to /etc/exports file and edit it. Your old path will be there. So, changed it and you’re good to go!

Thanks goes to this gentlemen gist

Have a great day!


Best way to block ads on your Mac – Adguard

Straight up. Use Adguard. For me, it was much more efficient than a Adblock. Plus a system-wide blockage is a really show-stopper feature for me, at least.

Another beautiful thing, is that you effectively block any html element on a page, using built-in plugin right in your Chrome browser.

I was using this to transform my Facebook page from addictive-attention-seeking-distractive abyss to a friendly-family-oriented message system.

Try it yourself. It really well worth investment. If you really care about yourself.


Get unhooked from your phone #1

Hi. I’ve been using internet since 33.6k dial-up modem. Yeah, got it from the start, way-way back.

Sometimes, I wonder – what was my life would be if I will never encounter Internet at such young age. Especially, then your brain is still developing. Will I be more productive, faster, healthier and most importantly, happier. I don’t know.

But I know one thing – Internet is not bad. As a junk food not bad. And other bad habits are not actually bad. Abuse is bad. Ignorance is bad. Nicotine is bad.

Enough ramblings, let’s do something practical

Ok, today I want to encourage you to use this simple trick. If you got an iPhone, turn your screen into grayscale mode.

There are studies that tell and blah blah blah. **** that bull****. I tell from my experience – it makes your phone uninteresting.

As your phone become more un-interesting, you are going to use it less.

That’s it!

I will not be going to post pictures and write how-to – you can do it on your own. Google it.

Just turn your phone into grayscale! Farewell, bros!


Using Ulysses to quickly publish to your WordPress blog

There is a quick and easy way to use Ulysses as your publishing platform. We can publish text right from the app to the site.

Check this little video out

Have a great day!


Some midnight thoughts on a “settle down as a developer”

Alright, this ain’t going to be a how-to article. Just a quick rambling about learning.

Never stop. Always explore. The moment you think “Aha! I got this!” is the moment you already left behind.

Usually, that kind of bullshit crap everybody out there is telling. You may settle down, you may do whatever fuck you want! Just remember – if you step a path on a road as a developer, you learn until you retire.

Make your life easier but do not overengineer things. Remember – there is a life outside your chair. Have fun!


Using cVim buffer feature

Have you ever experienced this?

Now, try to find that one tab. Good luck! Hahaha. I feel your pain, fellow brothers 🙂

I’ve got a great solution to this. Bear with me.

Introducing cVim

There is a little Chrome Extension that can literally change your life (not literally of course)

[Chrome Store]

Know, then you press certain keys in Chrome, it will popup a Vim like bar with a bunch of useful commands.

Try to type :buffer. Hit that Space bar and just type some keyword for your page.

Now, use Tab to go through a list and hit Enter! Nice!


Using Hazel to put MP3 into iTunes automatically

I also interested in DJ and often find myself dragging mp3 files into my iTunes app. There is a better alternative to that.

Install Haze

It is an automated tool for putting your files where you need it.

Run it and create new rule

Add this rules to move your MP3 to special iTunes folder

Problem solved!

Enjoy your free time and great music!


Alfred Workflow Of The Day – CDN

Allows to quickly search any CDN you want. That I really like about it, that it is always searching for the freshest version available. No need to figure it out myself. Great little workflow for quick projects.


Is your environment defines your writing or otherwise?

Sometimes, then I wanted to write about something, some random thoughts popups in my mind: “Is this good for my career? Is my future employer will benefit from reading this? Maybe other colleagues will tell that I’m not as good as I should”. Why I’m creating this boundaries inside myself in order to please people I even don’t know? Let’s talk a little bit about this, if you might have similar issues.



Unconventional advice for better productivity – quit pornography and social media

Alright. I’m going to talk about pornography, social media and Instagram (yes, let me put it in a stand-alone category).