Using Hazel to put MP3 into iTunes automatically

I also interested in DJ and often find myself dragging mp3 files into my iTunes app. There is a better alternative to that.

Install Haze

It is an automated tool for putting your files where you need it.

Run it and create new rule

Add this rules to move your MP3 to special iTunes folder

Problem solved!

Enjoy your free time and great music!


Alfred Workflow Of The Day – CDN

Allows to quickly search any CDN you want. That I really like about it, that it is always searching for the freshest version available. No need to figure it out myself. Great little workflow for quick projects.


Is your environment defines your writing or otherwise?

Sometimes, then I wanted to write about something, some random thoughts popups in my mind: “Is this good for my career? Is my future employer will benefit from reading this? Maybe other colleagues will tell that I’m not as good as I should”. Why I’m creating this boundaries inside myself in order to please people I even don’t know? Let’s talk a little bit about this, if you might have similar issues.



Unconventional advice for better productivity – quit pornography and social media

Alright. I’m going to talk about pornography, social media and Instagram (yes, let me put it in a stand-alone category).



What kind of music I use to work with?

This post is about finding the perfect score for your day. Let’s go!



I want to take a look at React

Alright. What is the case. I heard from a lot of friends such a phrase – I heard about React and want to try it. Every time somebody told me this, I cringe. Let me tell you what is wrong with this.



How I use SnippetsLab in my work.

SnippetsLab is a developer notepad a.k.a. snippet manager. It allows you to save code snippets, search it and retrieve them for later use.



Website redesign

Hello, everyone! Soon will be available new website design. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!


Angular 2 First Post

One of the main reason you will want to switch over Angular 1 to Angular 2 is a modular structure and Typescript. For the most part Angular 1 component doing kind of the same job as Angular 2 is but it really different experience.

Stay tuned for the next follow up where we are going to discuss Angular 2 in real detail!


Hackerrank as a way to improve your coding abilities

Today’s post going to be rather short but not as a value it brings. For a seasoned developer it is a good practice to stay active and sharp by solving real complex problems. is a good way to stay in shape as a developer and take a great chance on landing your dream job.