Alex Pogiba Frontend developer

Hi there guys! My shiny new Jekyll blog hosted on Github!

What’s up world! How you doing, boy?! That’s usually a greeting I’m starting with on every meeting I enter (actually, no, don’t panic).

Here we go - finally I cut my hosting company earnings by cutting my expenses on hosting company and here we go. New shiny site - hosted for free (almost free, domain not included). PLUS - content is still mine. I can transfer it very easily to any new place! Alright!

See, you later. I’m going to write some more in a new feature. Cuz, you know. Devs should write to a blog if they want to stay competitive.. Competitive, ha. If they want to stay at job!

Devote and sacrifice yourself to a mighty chair and a display! Use all your free time to stay at a job and constantly improve without getting pay for it (self-development is a great process but in this process it becomes a necessity which doesn’t bother me. Joke. It does).

Here we go again! See you later, lads! (c) Conor McGregor Jr.