Alex Pogiba Senior Frontend Developer

Using Typinator

I’ve been using text expansion tools for quite a while. First, it was T9 (if you ever remember that system on an century old cellphones). Then, it was iOS auto-correction. Later, then I got a legitimate PC - it was Word autocorrection. Which was nice. Since I’ve got Mac in my hands, I’ve experienced a whole another level of auto-correction and expansion goodness. And it was sweet. But as we all know, sweet is sweet until you abuse it. And I was an outrage savage.

p.s. I’m actually write that article incrementally only to figure out it was a BAD idea. Can’t find a rhythm to continue on. You should either write it at once or if that a big research, to do it in one day. Lesson learned! Moving on!

Hey! At least finish something!

Yeah. So, back to Typinator thing. I was getting tired of writing boilerplate code and decided «Well, f*ck it. I will do 4 keystrokes instead of 15». End of the story.


Sorry for any unmet expectations. Muse is an elusive thing. Gotta catch it while it is there. Thanks for reading!