Alex Pogiba Senior Frontend Developer

Thoughts on React-Native about that.

I was fortunate enough (do I say so?) to be able to get my hands dirty on a thing called React Native. You know, all those thought about making your app using same developers without a hustle of hiring new people and paying then higher salary.. Oops, it’s all about seeing the technology can lead us, right? The truth is that it is 50/50.

But, enough hard truth in your face at a start. Let me just flush some thoughts about React Native on you.

Better to start learning Android build process

Yep. Just because it is Javascript and stuff, it doesn’t matter you won’t have to deal with Gradle and family. Gradle is a build system that allows you actually take all that stuff together and wire it is as a bundle. Just to serve hot it later into a emulator or a real device for you to test it on.

I’ll make a point about learning about Android process. Not React Native way of bundling and building an app - this is a whole another story.

On a flip side, you can use that knowledge if you ever want to switch into Android development. And move to India :) (just check all the authors on #android stackoverflow tag)

Tutorials are marketing tools - prepare to grind through React Native build process

Here comes the suprise after you’ve learned that Android build process.

Finally, I can understand that is difference between gradle and gradlew(latter is just a wrapper around first one), and bunch of other stuff!

Praise to your Gods, right now (albeit you not an atheist, in which case praise to a subconscious) and prepare for seven circles of hell. I’m a little dramatizing here, but you’ve get a point.

React Native build process is different from Android build process. And you need to know both of them.

Forget about CSS you known before

I’d to mourn for a bit. Especially, after switching from a project with Sass (which I heard are going to die any time soon? I heard that opinions, but there are people still using KendoJS, so, anyway)

I’m not talking about using variables or doing bunch of crazy stuff with @for, @each and other great guys. You may forget about cascading altogether. Using an id? Forget about that too - they are all the same right now. Just like newly enlisted soldiers - merely a property on an object.

That’s next? Flex properties are all jacked up (how about changing default value for flex-direction? Or a notion that all that properties should now be written in camelCase variant?)

How about some positive things, you querulous sob?

Listen. React Native actually pretty damn good. Besides the fact it is hard to wire up at first and bunch of other limitation, and counterintuitive for a web developer eyes.

Being able to make a whole Android and iOS app with a single code base is no joke. It is really easy (if you are smart enough to build React apps before. Little remark).

Community is great. Guys putting they sweat, time and tears into building modules and answering questions.

After a few weeks of surviving, you will feel like home, I promise you.