Alex Pogiba Senior Frontend Developer

Notes on reading Cracking the Code Interview. Being polyglot

I was reading Cracking the Code Interview the other day. There was an interesting idea that stuck in my mind. That idea was like a splinter that irritates the hell out of me, for a long long time. The idea was “knowing a lot of programming languages”.

For some odd reason, there are a lot of misconceptions about that particular topic. And I think many beginners, especially entering a field from a frontend side, being caught in that trap. Let me point out a few mistakes I believe beginners make and how to solve them.

Mistake 1 - Knowing just one language of choice

You should know at least a few languages, besides your main choice. That’s it. No other way. Even if you start . Even if you are not going to work with, say, Python, because you are a Front-end developer, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything from another ecosystem. It will broaden your horizon in terms of developer and career terms.

Because you never knew that may happen tomorrow.

Mistake 2 - Better to be a master of one, than Jack of all trades. I will focus on JS.

Come on. JS isn’t that hard to learn. Mostly, it is domain-specific knowledge. And most of the languages are similar. You are not learning Lisp as your second language. Python and JS, or even Ruby per se, are pretty much similar in a lot of ways. All the differences are negligible on a grand scale. I’m not saying they’re identical, but those languages (I’ve used them just an example) are pretty much common and learning JS automatically means you know at least 20% of Python and Ruby respectively. It is a good start. Don’t be lazy

Mistake 3 - Not realizing career opportunities

There is a term called opportunity cost. By doing something, you are doing something else. Thus, missing an opportunity.

It is kind of toxic thinking, that may lead you to a depression spiral quick, but a with a bit of constrains it may be tremendously helpful.

You may never know where the money is. Yes. We are doing business here. We are selling our most precious assets - time. Don’t sell it short, only willing to supply demand in one area. Don’t be lazy. Learn as much you could

There you have it. Some of my collected thoughts on that topic. Have a great day!