Alex Pogiba Senior Frontend Developer

Reading books

Today I want to bring a topic of reading books. A lot of us, creatives, read books. Some for knowledge, some to kill time, some to entertain.

Whatever you’re reading your book for, you have a goal. You are either want to be entertained and get some enjoyment for yourself or you want to learn something, and get better at things you do. I would like to speculate on a latter and give my thoughts on this process.

Why are we reading for knowledge?

This is kinda a broad topic to cover in one blog post, besides the fact that many Phs spent their precious time to cover this topic broadly.

p.s. once again. It was my experiment in writing articles incrementally. No. Nope. Nien. Нет. It is not working for me. Sorry, guys. Can’t finish this is up.

I promise, next time, I will write a piece in one go or at least in one day. Or just won’t leave it half-sentence. Thanks for reading! Next article will rock. This one doesn’t :)