Alex Pogiba Frontend developer

Thoughts on being generalist and specialist

I always think a lot about being generalist vs. specialist and etc. Should I learn design or should I concentrate on development and only development. Should I diversify other ventures or not?

And you keep pondering and pondering, what the hell you needed to do with your broad interest in different skillset.

I was thinking about that for a long-long time and came to this conclusion - do that you feel is right and listen to nobody.

Yeah. That’s right. Everyone has they own agendas. Companies want specialist because you can bring more value per dollar because supposedly you know your subject of matter better thus make it faster. Small companies want it all because they don’t have that kind of money. Schools will tell you can do it all so you can buy more courses. List goes on and on.

Decide for yourself. Is it brings value to your life? Is it something you wanted to do and why not?

Only piece of advice I can tell you which is a must basically, is to keep your endeavours to yourself. Market them separately. Somebody may put a shame guilt on you or put a seed of doubt so “by doing a lot of things you will never get anything great out of it, jack of all trades, master of none”. But it is only half of the quote. Full quote sound like this: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”.

People perception is that you should be a specialist - as an individual or as a company. So pretend like you are for them and be whatever you want for yourself.