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JS assessment github repo for quickly checking your skills

Found this little useful repo with a bunch of JS riddles to keep your saw sharp. Like the style they used to run tests on answer.

Check it out here.

Quickly access needed links with Keyboard Maestro

Rather a quick memo on accessing links.

How do you access important links with your job? I’m find a fastest and convenient way to do for me.

Done by using Keyboard Maestro. We’re going this way.

Drip of the Javascript

Great newsletter for those who in a need for those quirks about language. A lot of insightful information. Check it out.

Noise canceling earbuds as a way for better productivity!

Recently, I bought a pair of noise cancelling earbuds which really helping me to get some quiet time in my household. My model is 3M brand, which allows me to concentrate easily on tasks and work in quiet.

Quite a short but I will write more later. See you soon!

Hi there guys! My shiny new Jekyll blog hosted on Github!

What’s up world! How you doing, boy?! That’s usually a greeting I’m starting with on every meeting I enter (actually, no, don’t panic).

Here we go - finally I cut my hosting company earnings by cutting my expenses on hosting company and here we go. New shiny site - hosted for free (almost free, domain not included). PLUS - content is still mine. I can transfer it very easily to any new place! Alright!

See, you later. I’m going to write some more in a new feature. Cuz, you know. Devs should write to a blog if they want to stay competitive.. Competitive, ha. If they want to stay at job!

Devote and sacrifice yourself to a mighty chair and a display! Use all your free time to stay at a job and constantly improve without getting pay for it (self-development is a great process but in this process it becomes a necessity which doesn’t bother me. Joke. It does).

Here we go again! See you later, lads! (c) Conor McGregor Jr.